images-18                                                              … and then I woke up

images-13Freud said that whether we intend it or not, we’re all poets. That’s because on most nights, we dream. And the dreams are a lot like poetry whereby in both poetry and dreams we express our internal life in similar ways.

An interesting ideology from the Father of Psychoanalysis. I like the thought of being a poet even if it’s within my dreams. Perhaps the movie Inception captures this principle quite apparently that there is no limit to what one can experience during a dream.

There are several different types of dreams. These dreams can be classified as either psychological or spiritual dreams. In certain traditions the interpretation of dreams is very important. One such tradition that I read about is the Naqsbandi Sufi Tradition. They believe that dream-work is a dialogue, a conversation between the dreamer and the world of dream. Through this dialogue they believe that they make a connection to a part of themselves that the outer world often dismisses and invalidates.


I had a dream, a weird dream when I was about 9 years old. I dreamt that I was in my aunt’s IMAG0083house. It was a double storey house and there was something spooky about the only room on the top floor. There was  rumour that there was a Jinn lingering there. Jinn are supernatural creatures that can be good, evil or neutrally benevolent. I don’t know if this was told to keep us kids, off the first floor or if there was some truth to it.


In this dream I saw a man with a crescent shaped face- yes, he did indeed have a very images-14pointed chin. He was wearing a white robe and I saw him floating down that length of stairs. His eyes were beady black and appeared to be rigid. It was a terrifying dream. I woke up feeling scared and sweaty. I didn’t tell anyone about my dream. I just steered clear of my aunt’s place.


Two years later my family made a trip to my father’s village in India. My mother likes to patronize this Shrine of a Sufi Master and I always tagged along. We were going to spend a night in the grounds of the shrine. That evening my cousins and I played hide-and-seek. I was not very good at hiding and so I was the one looking for them most of the time. Asb1 I was running around looking for them I came across man- the very same man in my dream. He had the that very pointed chin. He was seated in a cubicle with his eyes closed. My jaws just dropped and I froze. I then ran helter skelter and heaved myself at my mother’s side and stayed stuck to her like glue.                                                                                    (the shrine)  


This dream was another Kodak moment in my life; an unpleasant one and I just couldn’t erase it from my mind. I felt this need, an urge to know the identity of this man in my dream and the reason for seeing him in person. Everything happens for a reason is my general rule in life. I asked and enquired upon everyone whom I deemed could tell me the mystery behind my dream. Some told me it was the Sufi Master himself and there were other godly explanations too. Somehow it did not resonate with me- I just had this gut feeling that if it was the divine per say-why then did I feel frightened?


A couple of years back I learnt intuitive tarot. It was a group setting and we went through many decks. We were using this deck by Colette Baron Reid and I got the card- the Unknown-1Dragon’s Lair that made me feel extremely sad and tears were rolling down my cheeks. My teacher – a gifted reader could instinctively tell that it was a past life revelation. She related that in many of my past lives I had wanted to empower children. This I did by enabling them to read. In this particular lifetime it was forbidden to educate female children and so I had done this discreetly. Another member of the group could literally see me walking up the stairs with a man dressed in a white robe following me with a rope. And I in my mind’s eye could see that I had hanged myself with my own scarf. I just didn’t want my life to be taken by another. It then dawned on me that the card with the stairs had a connection with the dream I had at 9.


Unknown-2In her book “ Daughter of Fire” Irina Tweedie talks about her time with her beloved Master and his teachings. The Master had explained to her that a Jinn can come in many different forms. When they assume the human form they are usually attired in white and that their eyes seem different too. Irina recalls the time where she saw a young man in white sitting awkwardly at the corner of the chair. He was there to learn from her Master. What struck her most were his eyes. They were wide, very dark and had a strange expression. Her description of the eyes of the Jinn stirred me and I realised this  was the part, one of the dots to connect to the dream.

This dream I had was obviously a past life karma needing a closure. Waiting 4 decades for an understanding of the dream is a validation itself. The man in my dream and the man that I had seen in the shrine to my inner knowing was the same Jinn that was supposed to have hanged me in my past life. An unfinished job and so he appeared in my dream and in that shrine, traumatizing me. According to Irina’s Master, Jinn s are not visible unless in the presence of enlightened beings and perhaps that’s  why I saw the Jinn in the Shrine of the Sufi Master.

My dream was something of the past but Sandra Whipple, has this question to ask ”Can dream warn us of danger or future events?’’ I believe this to be true too. At one point in my life, I had this recurring dream of nursing a Saint’s feet. Me being me, I needed to know WHY. I asked a Buddhist Monk who channels the Medicine Buddha  and he told me that it was an indication of something unpleasant to happen to one my kids and the act of washing and healing the Saint’s wounded leg had helped to clear this future misfortune. Dreams  do help to redeem oneself of future calamity. I feel blessed to have had this divine help.

So with the sharing of my dreams I bid you all… SWEET DREAMS




 “Every animal knows more than you do.’’

– Native Proverb

      This is a new road for me and I have chosen the raven as my companion. A helpful influence I believe as in nature the wolf and raven have a special relationship. The 9fcd335091fab54501fc740b442a0709ravens as aerial spotters have helped wolves find food and alert them of any danger ahead. The ravens too gain from this bond as they feast on the prey brought down by the wolves. My wish is to share my encounters in life as a raft, as points to ponder a glimmer of understanding of the going-ons in your lives and to  weave your thoughts and feedbacks into this humble life of mine.

    I just want to give a little intro of crows and raven that are so alike yet different. They are both from the corvids family. They are known for their playful-mischievous personalities and their raucous calls. Physically the ravens are larger than crows. Ravens can grow up to the size of a small hawk and the crow to the size of a pigeon. The crows thrive near humans while the ravens prefer wilder areas. Their life span differs as well; the crows can live from 5 to 10 years while the ravens from 25 to 50 years. Did you know this?

refill-your-office-water-cooler-without-the-aid-of-pebbles       My initial exposure and fascination with the crows was in my first year of school. My teacher Miss Ramani, a beautiful soul and a wonderful teacher told us the story of Crow and the Pitcher an Aesop’s Fable. I remember how I was so captivated with the intelligence of the crow. I later learnt that the rooks which are also a member of the corvids’ family use stones to raise the level of water in a vessel to reach a floating worm. The picture my teacher drew on the chalkboard of the crow and the pitcher is still on my mind-I call this a Kodak moment of my life.

        Then when I was about 10 and my family and I had traveled to India by sea and when we docked at the harbour, I was amazed to see the crows in the hundreds all over the place. It was the first time too I had seen a crow. That many sort of overwhelmed me. They were everywhere and considered to be a real menace but on the flip-side of it on no moon days they were offered rice balls mixed with yogurt. It was a cultural belief that such offerings were done for their ancestors in the after life. Raven_eating_1_by_MJFOTOI too practice this ritual and I must say it makes me feel so good to see the crows peck on the offering. This is like a confirmation that the offering is accepted. But then there were times too, it was just left untouched.

       I would also like to share this story a friend related to me. He said that he and his wife found a crow hopping around in their living room one morning. The strange thing about this visit was that the crow had a pendant around its neck. They tried to catch the bird but to no avail. It flew out the window with its loud raucous. According to my friend, the crow returned the next day and right in front of their eyes it took his gold pen that was on the table and flew away. The couple was puzzled by this phenomenon. Later they found out that a Sage had shape shifted into a crow to visit the couple and became furious when they tried to catch “him”. In return for their hospitality he took the pen. I believe his story. A Unknowntraditional Scottish chant to shape shift into a crow was invoked using a raven’s feather to astral travel. Perhaps this explains my friend’s bump into the crow in his home.

     Some years back as I was returning to my car after a brief stop at a bookshop, I was stopped in my heel by the raucous this crow was creating. I had actually passed the crow but had to turn and look just for curiosity sake. The crow was perched on a lamppost and with it’s head pointed down. It cawed and cawed. I walked towards the crow and as I was walking I intuitively felt for my chain on my neck. It wasn’t there! Goodness gracious, it was on the ground just beneath the lamppost. I looked up and the crow flew away. But wait, I had a few pendants. I retraced my steps and there was this crow again on a fence at my eye level and cawing away. I stopped next to it and on the ground was another pendant. There was one more pendant missing and I walked up and down the street. The crow wasn’t there and I felt it had forsaken me. It then started to drizzle and I had lost hope of finding it. I went back to my car but I just couldn’t leave without trying again. It rained for a while and then it stopped. I went in search of my pendant and the crow was there on a tree near the road. Right below theimages tree was my pendant. I realized then that the downpour was necessary as if not for rain the pendant being silver was not visible on dry tar road. This to me validates that they are intuitive. It was indeed a miracle to have recovered not only my chain but the pendants as well, I am so grateful to the crow.

      The other day in the newspaper, I read of an article of how an eight-year-old girl named Gabi who gets gifts from crows as a token of appreciation for the food she leaves them in her garden. Her strange relationship with the crows started when she was four. She had the tendency to drop food and the crows would hop and pick the scraps left behind. Soon she started feeding her lunch to them in school. Then she started feeding them in her garden and in return they left trinkets like screws, broken bulbs and even dead crab claws-yikes! Experts say that crows can either create a bond or mark out those who are considered a threat. So don’t mess with them-that’s all I am saying. Unknown                                           (Gabi’s collection of  her trinkets)

      On the spiritual aspect, they remind us that magic is everywhere as in my story of the lost and found chain and pendants. They are wonderful for psychic protection. There were a couple of times I have heard this crow perched on the Neem tree outside my house and raucously cawing away. When I go out and ask “What is it you are trying to tell me?’’ the crow flies anti clockwise a couple of times and rests on the tree and does the same thing all over again and flies away. I hope to understand their language one day.

Unknown-1      Knowing your animal guide is important the Shamans’ say as it helps one to heal on all energetic levels. Childhood traumas and even caesarean deliveries disconnect one from their animal guides. I came to find out that the raven is my animal guide. As I look back and connect the dots to my childhood fascination with crows, the amazing stories I hear and read  and my personal encounters and the synchronicity of it all, just blows me away. I realize now the significance of their presence in my life.

      Did you know that ravens not only remember people who help them, but also those that talk about the kindness of the ravens to their friends? In field studies, researchers have observed that whenever a human assists a raven or crow in trouble, the entire community of these corvids, not just the bird that was helped, becomes generally friendlier and more trusting towards  human. Smart birds, indeed!i-85373aa34274887ff223948d4c1cd913-Raven